Why Mediation (or Arbitration) Now?

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In 2021, in the New York State Supreme Court alone there were over 75,000 new cases filed in the New York City courts, over 15,000 in Nassau County and over 12,000 in Suffolk County. Many of those cases won’t be resolved through the court system until well after the year 2025. And that doesn’t include all of the cases that were already pending before the pandemic that have been delayed as a result of court closures – not to mention all of the cases filed in the other courts, including civil and district courts, Surrogate’s Court, County court and the Court of Claims, among others.

If ever there was a time to take your case out of the court system and get it resolved through mediation or arbitration, now is the time.

Use Mediation or Arbitration to Get Your Case Resolved Now

As a business owner, do you want the uncertainty of an extended lawsuit hanging over your head, impeding your ability to move your business forward?

When you’ve sustained an injury in an accident, at work, or on someone else’s property, do you want to wait five or more years to get the compensation that can help you and your family?

If you are involved in a dispute with family members over a loved one’s estate, do you want a prolonged court process to further damage your family relationships?

As lawyers, we know that it is no fun telling a client that their lawsuit won’t be resolved for years because of a lack of staffing, slow court processes, or pandemic backlogs.

Whether you or your clients are involved in a business dispute, a personal injury claim, Surrogate’s court matter, divorce, or other disagreement, our distinguished panel of respected former judges and practitioners can help you resolve your matter quickly and efficiently through arbitration or mediation.

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